GL-AX1800 don't get IP from ONT


I’ve bought weeks ago a new brand GL-AX1800 and I still having no clue about why my router can get IP address from my ONT.

My ISP is Symio (fiber provider Orange) and I’ve been using their Livebox router until now, I tried to use the ONT only mode (using the Livebox like a ONT) plugging from it to the AX1800 WAN port but the router is stucked in “Connecting” if I use the DHCP mode.

I’ve tried to swap my Livebox for a ZTE f601 so I only have a true ONT (which it works fine with Orange fiber, I’ve checked it before buying it) which I’ve reseted and setup the ONT Password from Livebox to the ZTE ONT.

Now I’ve tried to do the same, connecting the LAN port (ONT) to the WAN port (Router) and I have the same problem, my router don’t receive any IP.

I already cloned the MAC from the Livebox router to the AX1800, turned off the ZTE and the AX1800 at least for 30 mins.

I know the WAN port works because I’ve tried the router in other network where I could configure a static WAN IP, Masc and WAN Gateway and I could use the router perfectly so I don’t know if is the ISP who’s blocking me for some reason I can’t solve or there’s an issue from the way the AX1800 get’s DHCP addresses from an ONT.


The issue was that I need a VLAN to get the right DHCP address. BTW I’ve clonned the previous router’s MAC too.