GL-AX1800 (Flint) - Change Connection Order

Is it possible to change the Connection Order in the Web UI.
So USB tether takes precedence over the connected cable connection.
How can this be achieved?

For the Gl-iNet Graphical User Interface or Adim Panel I don’t believe so. It involves doing some SSH and renaming stuff.

So does that mean after a firmware update. Whatever custom changes made, they are overwritten and need to be added again?

So for you particular setup I want to say maybe but I’m not a 100% sure. I usually don’t have any issue creating a config File in LuCi and uploading after a firmware update. Also once its done the USB works differently so I assume it won’t transfer nicely after update. Load Balancing is it what you are looking for. It can be done in openwrt 21.xx. I do see that MWAN3 is already installed as a package.

The luci-app-mwan3 can also be installed(I think this is what you want but am not familiar with setting it up.) Try re-posting asking for help setting up MWAN3 in LuCi on this forum or openwrt forum.

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You can edit the /etc/config/mwan3 by logging in via SSH, or install the luci-app_mwan3 package that adds the function LuCI → Network → Load Balancing.

Also, check the metric values in /etc/config/network to follow the same priority.

The config files are “usually” not overwritten on firmware update, but it depends on the nature and compatibility of the new firmware.

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