GL-AX1800 (Flint) connected to Starlink Router

I love the GL-inet routers and use a Slate 750 in my RV. The fact that a bridge is so easy to configure I can connect to my home wifi or wireless tether to my cell makes it perfect in the event of home internet outage. My current Dlink home router cannot do this… I currently use bridge mode to my home wifi while the RV is parked on property.

I will be getting Starlink for my home internet soon and dont really want to use their router. Its currently Wifi Only. There is an option to add a single ethernet port.

I want to use that port to connect to a GL-AX1800 using bridge mode. Then I can have everything I need for home use. Also I assume that the AX1800 can be configured with Tether to my iphone if the service goes down.

Any advice here?

That sounds like a good approach. It should be more reliable to turn off wifi on the Starlink and connect the Flint via ethernet to the Starlink. When you tether the router to your iPhone, you would have to manually configure the connection from ethernet to wifi, then reconfigure back again after Starlink comes up again.