GL-AX1800 Flint in Black & White

So I have a log for the the past 21+ days of use of Flint. On day 23 when I went to log in I was greeted with a slow response and a black and white admin flint login screen. I typed the working password in and a popdown menu stated incorrect password, did this twice and showed the password to make sure.

I then SSH into the router to using the admin password no problem and gave reboot command. Everything came back and started right up didn’t miss a beat.

Fresh Start Memory Ram is 75% 294.66 MiB after 8 hours is back to 92% 362MiB, where it will stay for a uptime of 21 days.

Firmware Version 4.1.0 release6, AdguardHome V0.107.8 with Full OISD block list (280,000 rules) hl2guide Standard Allow list (5,000 rules), SurfShark wgclient, SQM for wgclient

Observations: WiFi Speed has dropped in 4.x by almost half. 3.x was getting 500mb for a 30mb transfer in iperf3. Now in 4.x it is sub 230mb for a 30mb transfer.
I still think there is a adguardhome memory leak or garbage collection issue that leads to High Ram use
Also in LuCi I get a message on the wgclient for unsupported protocol

For Luci Wireguard support, maybe just need to install luci-proto-wireguard

For AX1800 4.x wifi speed, still under investigation.

It does seems that adguard home caused memory full.

luci-proto-wireguard is installed along with luci-proto-ipv6, luci-proto-ppp

ON my MT2500

Just installed luci-proto-wireguard

On luci I am able to select wirguard now.

I see.

wgclient is not a valid proto for openwrt. It is the one we used internally.

As we need to manage massive wireguard configurations, we don’t use luci configuration. So please do not change this in luci.

But surely you can configure wireguard in luci manually.

I just stopped wgclient and uninstalled and reinstalled luci-proto-wireguard still the same

SurfShark wgclient is set up in GUI with a config file. I do notice that I need to create a new public and private key every time in the config file cannot use previous keys.

Our UI uses differenct way to configure wireguard. So not compatible with luci.

But in luci you can still manaully config wireguard.