GL-AX1800/Flint update VPN issue

The latest update appears to have eliminated the Guest network VPN option only. Need two networks on the router, one non VPN and the other VPN. Have devices that need a VPN and others that a VPN creates issues with connecting to some websites.
Was this an oversight or is there documentation on how to have a non VPN and VPN setup without all devices having to be on only the one setup?

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you could try to go with custom rules (it’s a policy you can choose) and enter the guest network manually there.

V4.4.60 is what came with the router. So, I can make the Guest network only VPN and the other radios Non-VPN with rules?
Not something I have worked with, but will give it a try.
I wanted a router that I could use for both VPN and Non-VPN traffic, isolating clients that required a VPN.
If the AX-1800 Flint cannot do this, then I will return and find another router with these capabilities.
How about downgrading the firmware to when the Guest Network could be a VPN only?

If you only want to separate by using different SSIDs (so Guest and Non-Guest) you can go with the VPN policy called Based on the VLAN. After you select it there will be a prompt for which VLAN you want to enable it:

Thank you for your assistance. Will give this a try and is what I was looking for.

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