Gl-ax1800-fw-4-0-1-beta2: VPN policies

Installed the beta software. How do I use VPN policies?
I run wireguard with my VPN service.

Cant get Luci to find “kmod-wireguard” in order to set the VPN policy up there.

Last GL software had its own menu item for VPN policies. How do I do it in the beta?

Help appreciated!

You can find it slightly hidden in the VPN Dashboard page.

Click on this icon to change the Proxy Mode, and choose whatever mode suits you.

The following screenshots illustrate a scenario where you want all traffic from/to,, and or any of their subdomains to be routed via the VPN. Other IPs / Domains won’t be routed via the VPN.

Ah, I missed that, thank you for pointing it out. I was indeed looking for a separate menu item like was used in the last software.

In my specific case, I need to combine IP exceptions with device exceptions.

Would inputting a list of IP/domains and also adding the IP of those devices work? Or will the policy not know to bypass the device based on its IP?

Please help me understand this. Thank you!

To my knowledge, you can’t mix the two modes together.

I’m attempting to use the same mode and therefore use the device IP rather than the MAC address. I admit to not knowing how the policy would treat a device IP if it’s expecting a domain address…