GL-AX1800 Router - Some Question for USB-WIFI-Adapter

Hello an sorry for my sometime strange english.

I have some amateur-question to the Flint (GL-AX1800) Router:

  1. It’s correct, that the VPN WireGuard also works in the repeater-Mode ?

  2. Is it in particularly unfavorable reception situations in a hotel possible, for better Hotel-Wifi-reception on the balcony in the repeater-Mode to take an USB-WIFI-Adapter with a 3-Meter-USB-Cable
    and connect it on a the USB-Connector of the Flint (GL-AX1800) in Repeater-Mode ?

  3. If it is possible, please give me some Info for good USB-WIFI-Adapter.

Thank you



  1. Yes.

    1. The embeded wifi of AX1800 is good enough. No need 3rd party USB wifi adapter. Compability is difficult.

Many thanks for your response.

Normally it is certainly true that the AX1800 has sufficient reception strength, but during my last hotel stay I had exactly the unsatisfactory situation described under point 2.
Unfortunately, in the large hotel, the hotel WIFI AP was stationed very strongly to the side of the house front, so that reception in the room was unfortunately not possible.
I only got satisfactory reception when I placed my GL-AR750S-EXT outside a little over the balcony railing.
Exposing my little router to the weather wasn’t nice, though.

Since I need a new router for other reasons, I came up with the idea of ​​using a USB-WIFI adapter on a USB cable for outdoor reception so that the router can remain in the room.

I saw that there is a USB Wi-Fi dongle for the Brume (GL-MV1000) that corresponds to the ALFA Network AWUS036AC - USB Adapter (RTL8812AU).

Could it work on the AX1800 or is it generally not possible on the AX1800 with an additional WIFI adapter?

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I cannot confirm that those dongles works. I didn’t test. I can test as I have one.