Gl-axt1800 crash when connect to WPA3 STA


I received my gl-axt1800 last week and manage to set it up today for testing and review.
I notice the router can only connect to other wireless AP that use WPA/WPA2 PSK only. The axt1800 router will crash and be stuck in a loop if it configures to connect to the Access Point that uses WPA3+PSK on the 5ghz band.

This is my test setup.
wireless client → gl-act1800 (Wireless ISP) → asus ax87u (5ghz WPA3+PSK) → Internet

Stan Wong

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Same here, my for Fritz!Box 7590.
When Wifi there is set to WPA3 the Slate goes to loop. Have to push button on Slate and then switch to WPA2 on my Fritzbox to get the Slate connected.

I can provide the Slate LOG-files.

Can you try to modify the WiFi 5G bandwidth of ASUS ax87u to 80MHz for repeat test?

Hi,Does Fritz!Box 7590 WiFi 5g support 160MHz bandwidth?

Thank you for the suggestion, I will test it and get back to you ASAP.

Since Firmware 7.20 it does. But still count as Wifi5 device.
It is not Wifi6 certified, but compliant.

In the changelog, FW 7.20/Wireless section:

  • NEW 160-MHz channel bandwidth is now always active in the 5-GHz band, providing for very high transmission rates with compatible wireless devices

Later (FW 7.25) is also a 160 MHz fix mentioned.

The issue was still there after I changed the 160mhz to 80mhz, and I had to reset my router when it crashed.

Do we have an update regarding this issue or the GL-AXT1800 doesn’t support the 5ghz band with WPA3 enabled for a wireless internet provider?

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We have a firmware with kernel 5.4 and does not have this problem. Will send out.

Can you send me the firmware file?

GL.iNet download center … just scroll down. the second block is the FW5.4

4.0.2 should fixed this as well.