GL-AXT1800 - Print from a Secure VPN Network to a unsecure Network

I bought the router GL-AXT1800 with the ip address This is installed behind a “Speedport 3” router. This is connected to the Internet and uses the address range The GL-AXT1800 has a static IP address and is connected from its WLAN port to the LAN port of the “Speedport 3”. The GL-AXT1800 is configured as a VPN client and so far everything works.
how do I now have to configure GL-AXT1800 router so that I can print to or reach a printer (IP of the printer in the network 192.168.3.x. This printer should remain on the network and not be moved to the secure VPN network of the GL-AXT1800. someone can tell me here if this is possible and where I have to set this, so that I can print from the secure VPN network (GL-AXT1800) in the insecure “Speedport 3”, in which the printer is also located.

Thank you so much for your help

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Try setting up VPN Policy so that VPN is not used for IP or

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