GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX) no WAN-side IP assigned over Ethernet, over WLAN working fine

I have the following situation:

  1. Slate AX ( is connected over Ethernet (WAN Port) to a Huawei HG8245H5 ( router. Slate is not able to get an IP address as a DHCP client.
    Setting the IP manually on Slate to I am able to ping the from the Slate, but no internet access possible.

  2. Slate AX is connected over WLAN (WAN as Repeater) to the same router. Everything is working fine.

The Slate worked before with two different AVM FritzBoxes over Ethernet without any problems.

Any ideas why it is working over WLAN but not over Ethernet?

Can you connect PC to the Ethernet port and get IP?

You mean to the Ethernet port of the router? Yes, every device (PC, switch with further PCs and a Set-Top-Box) gets an IP.
I tried also different ports and different cables.

Sorry I mean connect to Huawei HG8245H5 directly.

Every other device connected to the Huawei router ist working. Only the Slate is not working.

Sorry for late reply. I have no clue. Did you find something?

Unfortunately I did not find anything. I tried it with an another router and it worked.
Normally I would say it is related to the Huawei router, but why is it working over WLAN and not over Ethernet?

I will try to do further analysis, when I am again at the place with the Huawei router.

For what its worth, I am having the same issue - no DHCP on WAN.

I have been messing with this for too many hours at this point, its about to just be returned out of pure annoyance.

For anyone seeing this in the future, the main router is a pfsense netgate sg1100. DHCP works 100% fine across all other devices. I can get the AX1800 to work if I put it in access point mode etc, itll get an IP and work fine, but I can’t get it to work as a gateway… my intent here was to use this as a VPN gateway, but it seemingly refuses to work even as a simple gateway. My best guess is its seeing a public IP on the WAN interface and is not happy about it, but I am not really ready to spend the time to go through logs and figure out why that is. I will just buy another sg-1100 which I know will work :confused: