GL-AXT1800 - unable to connect reliably

Currently using the latest available to me firmware - 4.2.1 and mostly use this router for work and travel with no major changes to the settings. At work we have access to 5G and 2.4G under the same SSID so it does not consistently connect to 5G every time, which is fine because 2.4G works just as well so I would consider this to be set at “auto”. My setting for the router is to have separate SSID for 2.4G and 5G so I know for sure which one I’m connecting to… issue is when I try to connect devices to the 5G SSID it does not connect successfully, but connects to the 2.4G without any issues. Is this because the router is connected to the work WiFi at 5G and it cannot repeat on the same band that it’s connected to?

5G should be better than 2.4G.

What is the channel you are using for 5G?

right, ideally I would like 5G to be available to my devices whether the router is connected to the work WiFi at 2.4G or 5G. the channels were left unchanged so they are defaults - 161 for 5G and 6 for 2.4G. both do not look to be changeable while in repeater mode

any update on this issue?

Channel 161 is the 4th band in 5G frequency.

If you are in the Europe, it is regulated to 25mWatt which is not usable.

Which retion are you using this?

I am using this router mainly in the US

Did you buy the router in the US or Europe?

I purchased this from Amazon in the US

Hi,Dimm0k,What devices cannot connect to the AXT1800’s 5G WIFI?

I’ve been having issues with both a Dell laptop and a Google Pixel 7 Pro phone. I’ll get the message that the device can’t connect, but when I try 2.4GHz it works fine.

I’m not sure if some settings are causing the inability to access 5G WIFI. Have you tried restoring the router to factory settings?

I am unable to connect to my Dell. On my cellphone I get gl-axt1800, I enter the password, then try the website to do my initial set up and the page can’t be reached.

I have with no luck… I’ve even exchanged the device from Amazon when I first experienced this and it seems to be the same

Can you export the log from the router when your device failed to connect?

Have you changed wifi encryption and key before you met this issue?

Holy smokes; that’s some important info for travellers, right there. Where is this published? Is there a primary source?

Wiki is easier

I will grab the log for you the next time I experience this. So far with the recent update to the firmware it has been running fine!

Not sure what the default settings were, but the encryption currently set is WPA2-PSK. I have changed the SSID and the key/password before I came across this issue

hi there! following back on this issue, as I am experiencing it now! I noticed the router is connected to the WeWork WiFi through 5G and while I am able to connect my devices to the router on the 2.4G SSID, attempts to connect to the router’s 5G results in a crash of the router and am unable to connect. I have the logs saved, please let me know how to get them to you

Router or extender mode?

Somewhere in the settings enable the broadcast on the same channel option, can’t remember if it’s in luci or not.

If you use VPN then don’t, at least until you have a stable connection.

Can you send the log to us via email: support at

Pls cite this post. Pls include the firmware version.