GL-AXT1800 v4.1 rel 5 (current Version) breaks tethering

My Huawei E3372 works on all devices and previous versions of firmware. Slate AX 4.1 or 4.0.3 tethering MAY come up but the device does not connect to the internet. Tethering interface may get stuck in “connecting” may show up with network, but VPN client says no connection to internet and other connected devices cannot connect to internet either. This may be specific to the SLATE AX rather than a specific version of the firmward.

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First, have you changed the LAN IP of AXT1800? I think you did because you said it works in old firmware.

Then, when this message is displayed, do you actually have Internet? If yes then just ignore it. It is using ping to detect Internet and this may be false positive.

LAN Ip changed because the E3372 uses the same subnet at GliNet devices…
Yep… Of the entire private address space they use the same 256 addresses agh
No connectivity

Should not have major change related to tethering.

Maybe unplug and try again?

I watch “IT Crowd”. I restarted and then reset the box. No go. The same “stick” works in a flint running 4.1 and 3.2. But on Slate AX running 4.0.3 or any version of 4.1 no internet.

on Slate AX tethering fails. ONLY changes are adding the device, starting the interface and being forced to change the plan subnet as they both default to It does not matter which order. Start interface and then change lan or change lan and then start interface. tethering at least with the Huawei device is broken. Multiple firmware, multiple reset to defaults.