[GL-AXT1800] WiFi connection very unstable

Router mode: Repeater
Client WiFi disappears every couple minutes or so. Also the repeated network disappears repeatedly. It feels like this is becoming more frequent with time. The device is only a week old.
logread.zip (20.9 KB)

@dengxinfa Can you please help debug the issue?


What kind of power adapter are you using?

Is it the official power adapter of glinet?

Yes, the one bundled with the device. Output 5V 4A. Here is what I tried. I’m a bit confused.

Before your answer:

  • Unplug everything. Just plug power. WiFi disconnects. Saved the logs I attached before.

After your answer:

  • Unplug everything. Plug in Steam Deck power adapter (5V 3A). No disconnects.
  • Plug in usb drive. Instant disconnects.
  • Unplug everything. Plug in original power adaptor. No disconnects.
  • Plug in usb drive and disconnects again.
  • Unplug usb drive and put it like 20cm under the router (before 30cm aside the router). Less frequent disconnects.

What puzzles me are the disconnects without the usb drive. Is the router sensitive to external electromagnetic radiation?

if the problem occurs only a 2.4 GHz wlan network, it’s a known problem with the usb v3.0 bus. The cable of your USB device in this case plays the role of the antenna that interferes at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. The solution is to replace it with a better cable with a better shielding, preferably with ferite rings, use a device with usb 2.0 controller or use only 5Ghz wifi.