GL-AXT1800 wireguard vpn config not deleted/issue

I found an issue with my axt1800: i have a wg client profile set up from the console page as well as some created from the app.

I deleted the wg client config created from the console i was connected to and added a new one from the console. it said deleted and the new one got connected so everything was fine and went on with my day.

Few hours later i open the app and i see the router is connected to the old deleted config. I thought it was an issue with the app so i checked from the console and it was showing it was connected to the new config… but with the old ip? during this time the router did not reboot.

re uploading a new config from the app and deleting the old profile once more fixed the issue.

fw version stable 4.1

Maybe just a display bug.

I do not quite understand how to reproduce the bug you said, if you can provide a video screen is the best, thank you.