GL-B1300 as VPN client leaving previous network untouched

Hi there!
I’ll try describing what I’m after the best I can: I have a modem/router covering my house wirelessy with a single gateway (say given by the modem.
I have some devices which have no local openvpn client and I would like to forward their traffic into the VPN.
So, the idea would be to buy a GL-B1300, connect its WAN port to my modem leaving the router side on.
Then, I would like that any device using the WIFI access point of the GL-B1300 are routed into the VPN, all the other devices are instead using my local internet traffic.

Do you think what I’m after is possible?
If it is, will be enough setting the modem’s IP as a gateway into the GL-B1300 to allow all connected device get on internet?
Do you think what I’m doing is wrong and I should set it up differently to achieve what I want?
And… do you think the GL-B1300 is the best choice for that?

Thanks for any answer you could give :slight_smile: !!

Yes. It should work.

All the devices don’t need vpn should connect to the old router directly

Thanks for answering, alzhao :slight_smile:
I’ve read somewhere on this forum that the GL-B1300 should be the most powerful at the moment, reaching over 20Mb in openvpn client mode (which is more than what I can physically have since the connection on the other side of the VPN is limited at 10Mb). There are many GL.iNet devices over there anyway, do you think the GL-B1300 is the best one for what I’m after?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If just 10Mbps, other mini routers eg ar300m and AR750 could also achieve, but I cannot assure 100%. B1300 is much powerful than others. You can decide according to the price.

Cool! I’ll buy the B1300, mesh and more power are great for future enhancements.

Thank you :slight_smile:

hello, in my testing using Openvpn(NordVpn AES-256-CBC/SHA512) on the B1300 - my max speed was around 26 to 28 Mbps to the fastest NordVPN server using UDP connection.

I also have the new Asus AC86U - which is a WAY more expensive Router and on this router I can get around 155/155 Mbps using openvpn. (tested on the same server using the same .ovpn file).

To my understanding, openvpn can only utilize 1 core on the router, so having one core on the B1300 dedicated to Openvpn still leaves 3 cores to other stuff - which is a good thing :slight_smile:

You can set up 4 openvpn processes if the server allows to get more speed.

Thanks for reporting the vpn speed.

Hi just bought the B1300
and i cannot get it to accept the openvpn fime of pia vpn
anyone got any advice
installs fine, asks me to log in i check the location i want and once i click enable and start. get an error udp connection failed

My WAN speed is 220Mbits/sec, and my ASUS RT-AC3200 running Merlin max out at 32Mbits/sec per tunnel with the best Nordvpn server, it allows up to five clients but in reality, I can only have one client per unique port number, TCP or UDP. The 32Mbits/sec speed is limited by the assigned one CPU core at 1GHz speed, and I often have two tunnels running concurrently.

For the B1300, I can get 24Mbits/sec perhaps limited by the 770MHz per CPU core speed. Since it has a quad core CPU, I would love to see the webpage configuration for the B1300 to support four or more openvpn clients running four separate tunnels concurrently, even if they all use the same TCP or UDP port assignment?

FYI, my GL-MT300N-V2 gets ~10.5Mbits/sec, and the GL-AR300M gets ~12.5Mbits/sec

In B1300 you can create 4 VPN tunnels to your vpn server then load balance your data to these 4 VPN tunnels.

In theory this is doable.

How can Icreate two or more openvpn tunnels in load balance? Does it need any addon to download?
Another little question:
If I have two b1300 in mesh mode can I run vpn client in master node and vpn server in slave node using the same protocol for both client and server (openvpn or wireguard)?