GL-B1300 / Convexa-B | Internet Kill Switch Web UI?


recently I updated the firmware of my GL-AR750S (Slate) and I love the new features, that where added directly to the web ui:

GL-AR750S-Ext (Slate) - Release Notes

V3.100 - Dec 30, 2019

New Features:

  • Added Tor function
  • Added internet kill switch

Now I have also bought the GL-B1300 for my workplace to extend the company wlan and connect via wireguard vpn to home (Brume as Wireguard server).

will there be an update, so that also the kill switch and maybe also TOR would be available??? NEED it.

Iam missing the Kill Switch (in gui) also on my GL-MV1000 (Brume) ?

Hopefully it will come? Someone knows more?

best regards

has the latest firmware from 12/17

I think gl-mv1000 will have Internet Kill Switch and Tor too, please wait.

Thank You very much, in the test release its already included:grin:
Soooooooo nice!

best reagrds

Hmmmm, its very unstable… The B1300…
Something is wrong with the wifi drivers, I think. Damn

Iam using the Slate again, now… ;-(

I have 2 B1300. One at home WG client, one at office WG server for roadwarrior connection and are running very fine with 3.100 firmware.

I will spent more time next week to analyze it.
Some guy in the forum had also wifi drops, if I undserstood him correct, he changed the place where the powercord is inserted…

But one big bug is that I can‘t change the wifi regionalcode with luci. There are errors of writing the config in the testrelease…

The B1300 looses the wifi uplink (wwan) from the companys guest wifi (company hardware is: aruba networks AP)(5g) at the same time also the connection to my Iphone (2G) drop. very annoying…

The wired notebook is still connected.

I will update this thread
best regards from germany

Hello again,

I changed the powercord extender cable and checked “802.11h” at the wifi adapters.
Know it look like it is stable, YES!! :slight_smile:

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