GL-B1300 disconnecting issue

My B1300 keeps disconnecting multiple times during the day. It is plugged directly in the wall, I have done a factory reset and it has the latest updates. I am running Hide My Ass vpn. Via openvpn, I have tried both tcp and udp connections. Is there any fix for this?

Can you let me know if it’s the VPN disconnect or the WAN disconnect?

I believe its the WAN disconnecting

Are you able to get the system log?

I do not see a way to do that via the mobile app. Is there a way I am missing?

You cannot do it via mobile app.

Pls use a pc.

You can ssh to the router and use logread to get the log.

Of install luci and get the system log via the UI.

I found a system log and kernel log. Is this what I need and is there a clean way to export.

There is no clean way to export. Can you send to me via private message?

I have the log files. How do I private message?

send via email

Whats the best VPN and configuration combination to use with my router? My current setup is fairly slow.

Just use wireguard, not openvpn should be fine.