GL-B1300 - Fail Over only works when WAN unplugged

Hi Everyone,

Got a GL-B1300 which seems like a great product, got everything working except Failover WAN / 4G

If I unplug the WAN it will failover to 4G near-instant.

if the WAN goes down it will say WAN is offline, but won’t fail over to 4G unless I unplug the WAN Cable.

Can’t seem to find a way to fix this?


More info…

Works out if openvpn client is connected, fail over won’t work. guessing because openvpn is not connected or something, But if i unplug the WAN openvpn will re-connect near instant and fail over works as intended.

Guessing this is a bug? or a setting i can look in to changing?

any help would be great!

Recorded this on dev list. Thanks for reporting.

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Still no firmware update. Problem still exists…

let me check with the dev team.

Can you try 3.104 from GL.iNet download center

We actually fixed this bug but I don’t know if this is in 3.104.

Note: ddns is broken in 3.104 and under fixing.