GL-B1300 for iot class with up to 34 wireless connections

Hi there,

i’m a teacher and want to teach an iot/industry 4.0 class in the upcoming semester. Unfortunately my school is poorly equipped and i have to buy my own wifi router.

I must be prepared to welcome up to 36 students in my class. In that case i have planned to split up the students into 12 groups. Every group has

  • 2 iot devices (esp8266 modules) and
  • 1 Laptop

which means that the router has to manage up to

  • 2 x 12 + 1 x 12 = 34

wireless connections at the same time.

Furthermore i want my laptop being connected to the router over ethernet. On that device several web applications like limesurvey, dokuwiki are running which are accessed by the students over their laptops during the lessons.

Now i would like to know if the GL-B1300 has enough power to ensure a smooth operation in this scenario.

Maybe someone operates the GL-B1300 in a similar setting and is willing to share his experience?

Any comments are welcome.

You can get either an S1300 or a B1300. The S1300 has a bit more ram for any applications you will run, maybe even a file server for all the students via USB3.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I’m well aware of the differences between the S1300 and the B1300. Unfortunately the S1300 seems to be out of stock in germany/europe and i need the device in 4 weeks at the latest.

B1300 can cope with 100 devices without problem.

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Yup in that case get a B1300 and remember to update to the latest firmware once you have it, use the Testing firmware, it’s stable apart from the name :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for keeping me updated :wink: I will take your advice into account.