GL-B1300 not working with Quectel EC25 LTE

I use almost every version of GL-iNet router that is made. So far all of them will accept a Quectel EC25 on a USB adapter board as if they were the GL-MiFi itself. They all seem to work seamlessly with the EC25 adapter board inserted into their USB port. However, I really need the B1300 to have LTE capability and nothing is working. I’m not sure if the current software lacks the drivers (2.72), or what. I’ve tried the external USB 3 and the internal USB 2. Nothing works.

Until GL-iNet adds LTE to its B1300 base software (everybody needs LTE failover from time to time, no?), how can I add those drivers and what other software would be needed (PPPD?, QMI?, etc?)?
Thank you very much for anybody that can help me.

Unfortunately, B1300 uses QSDK, whose kernel is 3.14, while EC25 driver depend on kernel version >= 4.9.

BTW, we will release v3.0 firmware soon, which has upgraded the kernel to 4.4, will check if it can work in 4.4.

Wow, yeah I saw QS:cloud_with_lightning:DK when I SSH’ed into it. I guess I overlooked the fact that the linux kernel was so old. That is very disappointing. When Ver 3.X software comes out I think we can make kernel 4.4 work with the EC20/EC25 from what I recall.
Thank you.

B1300 testing firmware is out with kernel 4.4 now. Pls try.

I’ll try it.
Thank you.

I tested the B1300 with the new firmware and it would recognize that there was a modem there, but the “Modem Name” would not display the type of modem (I tried Quectel EC20, EC25, & EP06). It would also not allow manual setup using the GUI. Is there something else this device needs to be able to run a LTE modem?

Can you try Luci or set up manually using ssh?