Gl-B1300 pia vpn help

i bought the b1300 and have installed the openvpn zip file from pia vpn.
logged in and selected my location.
clicked enabled and start
then i get a upd connection error and cannot connect to the vpn any help please



Hi Lucas,
You can try to setup your dns by using googles’ instead of your default dns.

Hi Simon
Dns on what?
The B1300 or isp router?
Or do them both to match


Forget changing the DNS - that won’t solve it and trusting Google is madness anyway!

Did you enter the correct pass/user combo? Have you tried the same using their WIndows client?


I hadn’t tried yet anyway as I’m now in work so will be tonight.
Yes correct username and password logged in.
Don’t know if it’s a connection error between the B1300 and my isp router.
But the isp is being changed next week, so there will be a new router

You can just post the log if there is any