GL-B1300 PoE Question


I am looking for further information on the GL-B1300 PoE capabilities. Does the PoE module add-on only allow the GL-B1300 to be powered via PoE? Or can I power another device through either of the ethernet interfaces?

Currently I use the MUDI, which works great most of the time. However, I am looking to cut down on the amount of cords I have to bring with me when traveling. My work IP phone can be powered via PoE, so I am looking for solutions. It looks like most USB PoE network adapters only allow devices to be powered through that adapter and do not provide power to other devices, unless I am mistaken.

If anyone has any insight into the issue I am trying to address, it would be greatly appreciated.

B1300 PoE version can only be used to power the B1300 itself. No PoE output.