GL-B1300: Static route from LAN to Guest and OpenVPN

Currently by default the GL-B1300 has a LAN range of and a guest wifi network with the range of The networks have OpenVPN client enabled. I plan to use the guest network for IoT devices. Apart from configuring the OpenVPN client, everything else is left as default on the router.

Is it possible to route traffic from LAN ( to the guest network ( but also, prevent the guest network accessing devices on LAN? (For example, I would like my smartphone on LAN to switch on a lightbulb on guest wifi)

Ideally I would like to have only the guest network with OpenVPN enabled and have everything else in LAN without OpenVPN; but I have not found a way to do this via VPN policy…

Thank you.

Try the following firewall configuration in LUCI

Thank you luochongjun. I finally had time this weekend to try your suggestion. It worked perfectly!

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