GL-B1300 use of DynDNS via DDNS

Hi, I have tried to use DynDNS (I have modified /etc/config/ddns and had put in two new sections for DynDNS below Gl-ddns section and have activated DDNS Service (of course restarted the DDNS service) but DDNS Service is not updating my IPs at DynDNS… What I am doing wrong?


Can you show your ddns config file?

Did you get this working ?
If so can you show me how to do it ? I have the same issue.


Yes, it is working now.
This is my entry in ddns

config service ‘zzz’
option interface ‘wan’
option check_interval ‘10’
option check_unit ‘minutes’
option force_interval ‘60’
option force_unit ‘minutes’
option ip_url ‘
option ip_source ‘web’
option password ‘xxxx’
option username ‘yyyy’
option domain ‘
option param_enc ‘zzz’
option lookup_host ‘
option update_url ‘http://[USERNAME]:[PASSWORD][IP]’
option enabled ‘1’
option service_name ‘