GL B1300 vs Slate AX

Hello, I am considering replacing my 2 GL B1300 (Convexa B) routers at home with one or 2 Slate AX.
Question: The B1300 being a home router while the Slate AX is a travel router, is the wifi coverage of the Slate AX equal or better than the B1300? Do you think I should stay on my B1300?

Are you running mesh on the B1300? AXT won’t support mesh.

I’ve found that the newer AX devices appear to output a better signal than the AC ones on both bands but of course there’s many factors. YMMV.

I tried to use the mesh network at the beginning but it was not very conclusive concerning my HomeKit home automation devices they do not communicate with each other. I don’t know if it has improved with the last firmware but I’m using the 2nd router in extender mode (WDS). Is it still possible with the Slate AX? Can we use a Slate AX with a B1300?

Yes you can use the Slate AX as your "core’ router and then use extender mode for the B1300(s) as “satellites” (or vice versa for that matter though I think the latter would be your best bet).

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