GL B1300 vs Slate AX

Hello, I am considering replacing my 2 GL B1300 (Convexa B) routers at home with one or 2 Slate AX.
Question: The B1300 being a home router while the Slate AX is a travel router, is the wifi coverage of the Slate AX equal or better than the B1300? Do you think I should stay on my B1300?

Are you running mesh on the B1300? AXT won’t support mesh.

I’ve found that the newer AX devices appear to output a better signal than the AC ones on both bands but of course there’s many factors. YMMV.

I tried to use the mesh network at the beginning but it was not very conclusive concerning my HomeKit home automation devices they do not communicate with each other. I don’t know if it has improved with the last firmware but I’m using the 2nd router in extender mode (WDS). Is it still possible with the Slate AX? Can we use a Slate AX with a B1300?

Yes you can use the Slate AX as your "core’ router and then use extender mode for the B1300(s) as “satellites” (or vice versa for that matter though I think the latter would be your best bet).

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Depending on the size and construction of your home, you may not need any more than 1 Slate AX if it is located centrally. When I tried it out previously, the Slate AX was capable of 1000mW/30dBm of 5GHz transmit power, (unless it has changed in later firmware) which is the legal maximum for non-DFS channels in the U.S. and a number of other countries. My understanding is that the GL-B1300 has a maximum transmit power of 100mW/20dBm.

You can buy 1 Slate AX first to test it out and then add a GL-B1300 or extender if necessary.

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Thank you for your feedback. I will try it with a Slate AX. I understand that the wifi 6 has a slightly better range than the wifi 5 too. My house is 90m2 on 2 floors. It is mainly to improve the signal on the floor that I used the second router and a camera and plug connected outside, but I still received with one router.

How are you testing this?
My beryl after upgrade appears to double the speed of the Slate AX on AC.
Just doing wired speed test both as a wireless repeater from Flint.

Anecdotal evidence only coming from B1300 mesh to Velica mesh to Flint + Slate AX AP :slight_smile: