GL-B1300 won't go into mesh mode

I had a power outage last night and this morning noticed my phone jumping between the mobile network and the wifi so I investigated. I have 3 GL-B1300’s in mesh mode and noticed that one of them did not have the mesh light on. Went through the mesh procedure on the master and the problem node and I couldn’t get the mesh light to flash on the problem node. I’ve reset the problem node but even after that no amount of holding on the mesh button will get the mesh light to flash. Any ideas on what I should do next?


Are you able to rest it? i.e. hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

So I’ve reset it with the reset button and it went back to defaults. But after pressing and holding the mesh button after the reset I can’t get the mesh light to flash.

I then uploaded the latest firmware via the webUI just to see if that would make a difference but after that I’m still not able to get the mesh light to start flashing by pressing and holding the mesh button.

So the firmware still works but LED does not flash? Maybe LED damaged?

The problem is exactly this… the LED isn’t working. I was able to get it to mesh again this afternoon. Thanks for your help!

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