GL-E750 24 hour charging warning

Hello, On the box of the GL-E750 there is a warning sticker which says “Do NOT keep charging for more than 24 hours”

Can someone from GL.inet please clarify on why this is? Surely the charging IC chip would keep the battery from overcharging?

I was planning on keeping the E750 plugged in for most of the time, is this bad?

Hello, we have battery charging protection, so you can keep the E750 plugged in for most of the time.
Regarding the warning prompt, it’s because the E750 charging management system is not perfect. Every time the battery drops a little, it will start charging immediately, which is not good for the battery life. We have improved the charging management system in E750v2 so that it only starts charging again when the battery drops to 95% after being fully charged. Therefore, the user manual for the E750 reminds users not to charge the battery for long periods of time.