GL-E750 Displays full signal, contradicting web interface

I’ve raised this issue previously, however it was never addressed.

My Mudi (EU 4G) displays full signal on the built in display, no matter what, with the exception of full signal loss. However this contradicts the signal displayed on the web interface, which shows the signal strength properly.

The forum seems to be freaking out about the photo and 1screenshot (both under 5MB, yet I keep getting the “this file is larger than 5000kB, why not upload it to a cloud host” message), so here’s a Google Photos album of it.

It would be great if this issue could be addressed, as it hinders the functionality of the on-device display, making the signal indicator useless.

You link leads to a 404 page :frowning:

You can open the photo in paint, save it directly, that will reduce the quality quite a bit.

Try the link now, I’ve updated it!

Have you tried following the debrick guide to force an update? Just to make sure your flash isn’t corrupt in some way. It should update the MCU firmware as well.

Get the adguard img from here, its the latest:

Yes, I’ve reflashed the device using the debrick method a handful of times, to no avail. I will try the AdGuard firmware, however I’d be much happier if we could get some snapshots of 3.200 (or just pure OpenWRT 19.07), to be perfectly honest.

@luochongjun Is 3.200 ready for Mudi?

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