GL-E750 LAN: share devices with custom ports opened

Hello ! I am owner of GL-E750.
Is it possible to share LAN between devices with custom ports opened ?

For example, i have two connected devices: - wire connection (smart TV) - WiFi connection (PC)

So i installed HTTP server on PC on port 8080.
Opens fine in browser on the same machine
Trying to open same address on smart TV from browser - it says can’t establish connection.

What can i do to make every device connected saw ?

Thank you)

Have you enabled the discovery option (assuming u are on windows)?

Here’s a youtube video on how to do this on windows 10

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From the text I can imagine three possible issues:

  1. The ‘server’ ( has a firewall that is blocking external communication
    → To test it could be useful to check with a ‘smarter’ device than a TV, maybe a mobile phone? Better a laptop.
  2. The the SmartTV tries to open a https:// connection, but the service don#t know how to handle https:// …
    → Instead of you need to type
  3. The Service at :8080 is using some language the SmartTV doesn’t understand.
    → When I open with one of my tablets (cheap Android 5.1.1) the site is blank. The behavior of “I can’t handle this” is sometimes misleading.

I don’t think it is a routing issue in the GL-E750. It is possible to separate the clients, but in my opinion a little to complicated, sou you should do it on purpose.


That was issue marked as 1 ) Turned off linux GUFW that was enabled. @LupusE - BIG thanks to point me to the right way !!!