GL-E750 (Mudi) - Multi WAN / Failover / Load Balance


Any chance to get Multi-WAN and Load Balance/Failover support to Mudi with a firmware upgrade?
It would be awesome to have LTE plus Repeater/Tether for Load Balancing in areas where there is poor reception. Specially since Mudi doesn’t have dual-sim support, maybe get Load Balance from two carriers, one from the modem and the other through tether or external usb modem.


By default, the device has the failover function. The sequence is WAN->repeater->tethering->LTE.
So all you need to do is configure the repeater connection on the admin page, and it will give priority to using the repeater to connect to the Internet.

Thanks for the info. However, the Load Balancing (Multi-WAN) was what I mainly wished for (being able to use more than one mode (source) to enhance the bandwidth and/or speed).
It’s a great great feature, even at the expense of more battery use.

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You can try installing luci-app-mwan3 yourself and configuring the load balancing manually.

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thanks, will try that

I have a similar situation trying to optimize our starlink and router with mwan . We use WireGuard or Open VPN client, will this cause any issues when doing a manual setup with luci?