GL-E750 (MUDI) OpenConnect v8.x package


I’ve recently purchased a GL-E750, however the VPN server I need to connect to is a GlobalProtect (from Palo Alto Network).
Today I use OpenConnect version 8.x on a Linux VM to connect to it, and I wanted to replace that by the GL-E750 while on the road.
However, only OpenConnect version 8.x or later support the Global Protect protocol, and currently in the opkg repo available on the GL-E750, only OpenConnect 7.x is available.

Is there any chance you guys can build/publish a more recent version of OpenConnect in the repos?

We are upgrading to 19.07.5 and you should be able to have snapshot firmware quite soon.

Thank you @alzhao !

Any idea about the timeline?

Sometime this month is the current ETA.

Hello guys,

Any news on this?

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I answered in the other thread.

Upgrading to openwrt 1907 GL.iNet download center

It is still too early to try.

Repo is not available yet.

I’ve done the upgrade already, and it works very good.

Only issues I have so far:

  • The side button doesn’t do anything (even when configured to trigger an OpenVPN connection). Annoying but I can live with it, the OpenVPN connection from the WebUI works.
  • There is a bunch or red error message related to missing JS files (I believe) on LuCI page. Again, Annoying, but I can live with it.
  • I was able to install OpenConnect and even get it to connect to a Palo Alto Network VPN Gateway, and get an IP from the tunnel (some times). But overall it relies on vpnc-script package to do so, and that doesn’t play nice with OpenWrt. I’m still trying to figure this part out, as right now I can’t get clients (whether on wifi or wired) of the GL-E750 to connect through that VPN tunnel.

Also, please, for the love of all that is holy, include “nano” out of the box in the packages.
It’s tiny and much more friendly for non-Linux seasoned pro :wink: