GL-E750 Snapshot builds?

I understand that currently only the GL-AR750S is getting snapshot builds of the 3.200 firmware, however I think it would be nice to have it for the Mudi as well.

OpenWRT 19.07 brings a bunch of features that would be incredibly useful (WPA3, better LuCI rendering on client side, bunch of other optimisations).

The AR71XX imagebuilder repo already has a 3.3 version uploaded on GitHub (I presume 3.200 for the AR750S was built from this), however the builds from that are not equal to the 3.200 build available here.

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3.200 firmware will start to use openwrt 1907

I get that. My question is, when will we start receiving 3.200(+) snapshots for the E750?

I think so. We used to have one but wifi crash some times

Is it related to the OpenWRT shift from ar71xx to ath79 target?

Yes. But changing to ath79 is fine. The problem is that WiFi is not stable.

I understand that, I’m just trying to figure out why - and the only big change in 19.07 related to the Mudi should be the ar71xx → ath79 transition.

What stability issues are we talking about specifically?

There are a lot more background changes than just the transition to ath79. Kernel versions, program versions and so on. A bug was introduced somewhere, and just moving the GL UI over to the new OpenWRT version without any changes causes wifi instability which is very unfortunate.

It’s most definitely not the GL UI, but something lower level. I suppose the instability also happens without the GL UI, just using stock OpenWRT.

Has anything changed since June?
Does GL-E750 Mudi have any prospects of getting stable 19.07?

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also Curious. Is this device at the end of it’s support firmware already?

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any idea when new updates are expected. experience speed issues and battery life is deteriorating.