GL-E750-V2 (MUDI) latest firmware

I have recently purchased GL-E750-V2 (invitational Trial version from Ali Express).

It comes with Version 4.0 (release50308) from manufacturer.
I am trying to flash it to Version 4.3.8 and it flashed successfully but Mudi still shows that it is up-to-date with its Version 4.0. (tried with U-Boot and with Web Panel). It also doesn’t find any newest firmware while connected to Internet…

Is this normal behaviour? Or there is something wrong with my piece? What the newest version should be shown by Mudi?

Can someone post your Versions? Who else use V2 Mudi.

Where do you see this version? Could you please provide a screenshot?

You can see in on Header. There is label “Andmin Panel v4.0” or something like that.
And you can also see it under Upgrade menu.

Could you please SSH into the router and execute cat /etc/glversion ?

It shows 4.3.8 in /etc/glvertsion. But always 4.0 on GUI.

Might be just some bug.

This is the latest firmware for the current v2. Due to some previous certification requirements, this part of the display has been modified. The next version 4.3.9 will fix this problem.

The current version is read like this: 4.3.8 release5