GL GL-X300B RS485, not appearing anymore 485 options


I’ve updated the firmware of a recetly purchased GL-X300B RS 485, I’ve upgraded the firware and the 485 options have dissapear from the menu.

When I do try to re-install from application this 485 doesn’t seems to exist anymore.

I’m trying to do a Modbus 485 to mqtt / influx.

Anyone can help with that ?, Thank you.

Another point is … if I do upgrade to latest version, the image that appears in the portal is not the rs485 version, it’s the GPS version of the x300B

Pls, Anyone can share the original firmware with rs485 UI enabled.

Thank you.

One of these firmwares should be fine, don't they?


Nope, have tried from 3.215 to 4.5.16

Will be nice to know what is the default fw when you deliver the boxes.

The earliest available GL stock firmware is the TOR download from 2021, which is when the Collie was released.

any chance you can post your system log and kernel log, as the RS485 serial port should just show up as a detected device.

The GL commit for the serial port is here:

Whether that's been applied to the latest stock firmware is unknown at this point, I own the Collie GPS so do not have the rs485 module.


I've uploaded the TOR Version, rs485 is back in the admin panel.

Thank you.

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