GL Inet 750M - No internet access


I have a GL Inet 750M gigabit travel router which I have set up to work as an openVPN client. I know the openVPN works as I have the OpenVPN set up on my laptop and it’s able to connect and work perfectly.

The issue I’m running with the GL Inet is that it connect to the VPN (on the VPN page it shows it’s connected), however when I go on webpages, the webpages don’t load. What’s weird is that if I go on google and search for something, it works however if I want to click on another website that’s not Google, it doesn’t work.

Would anyone know what needs to be done so that I’m able to go on different website once connected to the GL Inet?


Can you confirm the model of GL.iNet router because I could not find a 750M model?

If the webpages do not load, how are you able to go to Google and search for something … do you mean that you can go to only, but not other websites?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet


Thank you for replying and trying to help!

I realized after I posted that the model also listed the following: GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext

Yes, so I’m able to go on and do google searches but if I click on on link that isn’t from a google page, it doesn’t load. So for example if I do a google search (from and want to click on the non-google website (listed in the google search), it just doesn’t work.

Are you able to go to all websites (including non-Google) if you turn off OpenVPN? If so, there is something wrong caused by that setup.

Are you using a commercial VPN server (e.g., NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PIA, etc.) or a private VPN server? I suspect a problem with DNS, so see if you can open the webpage: (which is CloudFlare).

You can also post the OpenVPN config file here with certificate/key and private information redacted.

It may be a DNS issue. Can you set up a customized DNS server in the router. Maybe encrypted DNS.