GL.iNet app - no uninitialized router found

I setup a Flint AX1800 using a browser but want to control it via the GL.iNet app (on my iPhone.) I’ve added an Opal travel router in the past but when I try to add my Flint router it says:
“No uninitialized router was found in the local network.”

I’ve tried just about everything I can think of. I did setup this router to connect to GoodCloud monitoring, could that be why the app can’t connect to the router?

What is the version number of the App you are using?

If the app is the latest version, when your phone is connected to the router you have already set up, the app will automatically pop up the login page when you open it, no need to add devices.

You can login GoodCloud in app. After logging in, you can see all the devices bound to goodcloud on the app.

You should connect your phone to the router directly and the app will find the router.

Firmware and iOS app latest version. Can register the router with GoodCloud. Next day I was able to connect to it directly via the app (not just GoodCloud.) Strange. I also had wired and wireless clients disconnect randomly in the first 24 hours - not sure why. Now it seems stable. Monitoring…