GL.iNET AR750S-EXT Intermittent Connectivity Issue

I have a very basic setup with minimal customizations.

My problem is that every 1 hour the wifi connection stops working and the only way to fix it is to reboot the router (remove power and plug back in). Although the router continues to broadcast both 2.4G and 5G networks, the Router Lan IP is inaccessible at when the problem is occurring. Also the internet is unavailable when this is happening.

Please note the following configuration.

  • Firmware version: 3.201
  • The router is in repeater mode.
  • The host connection is 2.4G authenticated by EAP-PEAP.
  • The router is running Mullvad Wireguard VPN.
  • The router is configured with Nord OpenVPN (but it is not running when this problem is occuring).

Can you please help?

If you does not active wireguard, will this still happen?

I use wireguard but not EAP here. So seems the problem is EAP or some combination. Maybe kernel crashes.