Gl inet Ax 1800 flint does not refresh the actual online clients in 4.4.6 release 1

hi i recently update to the latest firmware of ax 1800 fl;int the 4.4.6 release 1 and see that the router does not refresh the online clients properly, shoes too clients that are not connected at the moment, how i can solve this?


Same issue. is not showing the list of online/offline clients list.
The mobile app does not show the clients either.

Getting below error in the web interface.


Unknown error occurred. Please check the network environment or reboot the device.

Could you please execute the following command and refresh web to check whether it works?
[ -s "/etc/config/gl-black_white_list" ] && sed -i 's/option mac/list mac/g' /etc/config/gl-black_white_list

It worked… Thank you for your support.

aafter switcing to 4.4.6 I start to see internet issues. Today it became unbearable. I revert back to prior version.

I have a modem router which has Wifi. When I connect to the other Wifi no issues at all. When I connect to FLINT wifi it works for 2-3 minutes then it start saying no internet connection. If I switch between 2G-5G it connects again and then connection lost again.

I logged in to the router interface. It shows the VPN in “Connecting” with a yellow dot and does not connect to the VPN either.

After getting back to the prior version it went back to normal…

i finally decide to go back to 4.2.3, 4.4.6 too buggy version