GL-iNet AX1800 (FLINT)...Have it working now on SURFSHARK WIREGUARD with the OOMA TELO also working

Had to post a new thread here as my previous posts were limited to 3 replies since I’m a new user.
Today I was finally able to get not only the Wireguard on Surfshark working (Firmware 3.214) but also to get the OOMA TELO Voip Device to also work (which was the issue in the other thread).
So this problem was burning a hole in my brain…
Today I decided to try again…I started off with a fresh copy of firmware 3.214.
Installed Wireguard Client, Set Static IP for my OOMA TELO VOIP Device, and exempted the OOMA From the Wireguard VPN. Rebooted the router and made sure Wireguard VPN was up. Then rebooted OOMA Telo Device and waited for it to establish it’s link. I then tried making a call IN…And to my surprise it worked.
Then I tried an outgoing call and it also worked. I tried both ways several times again and it continued to work. Great…I thought now lets try 4.01Beta2…Unfortunately I ran into obstacles with that as the ability to add static IPs and exempt the OOMA Telo is not so easy in the Beta software UI (Seems to have parts of the interface missing and indeed part of Wireguard config seems to be missing (I tried to add from Luci but said the Wireguard tools was not available in any repository)…Since I am not a Open-WRT expert in any way I decided to reflash to 3.214 and get that working again…What I found out that this firmware seems to be unforgiving of mistakes. I had applied a setting in the Wireguard but then realized I needed to change it…I spent several hours trying to get it working again which it would not…It wasn’t until I completely cleared everything and entered settings fresh that I was able to get it working again.
So I have the OOMA Telo Working exempted from the Wireguard Connection on Surfshark with the FLINT Router. OOMA Telo is unlike normal SIP connections in that it establishes it’s own Tunnel for connection to the OOMA servers. We shall see how reliable this connection is now. Maybe if I had more knowledge in the CLI I might have gotten it to work in the 4.01Beta2 firmware but it does seem to be missing components so maybe not. Anyway I now have it working on 3.214 Firmware. The kmod-nf-nathelper-extra package was NOT responsible in this case for the OOMA Telo not working. I left it intact in the 3.214 firmware and it is not affecting the OOMA Telo.


And today I was able to successfully get Firmware 4.01Beta2 for the Flint working network wide with Wireguard VPN provided to all the clients except for one the OOMA Telo which I made an exception for. If I had not seen another post here in the forum regarding the change of where to click on the small arrows in VPN CLIENT and then set the VPN Policy there (Which of course I picked device by Mac Address and selected the OOMA Telo MAC address)…All other clients going through the Wireguard VPN…Now everything working correctly on the latest 4.01Beta2 Firmware and OOMA Telo receiving incoming and making outgoing calls…I would have never thought to click on those tiny arrows in the VPN Setup to define the VPN Policy and the Exclusions without seeing another post in this forum

Just remark, firmware 4.1 made the arrow bigger so it is much easier to understand.