GL-iNet AX1800 OpenWrt firmware

user: root
pass: password

Then go to System/system/language and style and choose auto

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Thanks oxor
Openwrt 21.12.5 said no password should not be set
It is
login : root
pass : password
Language will be the secound pulldown menu first option (system) then third tab on page. Need to logout and login after changing the language for it to take affect. (Some stuff does not translate UnBlock Netease Music for instance) Have not set up on network yet so packages are not updated. Seems to work

How were you able to get the download link for the firmware. It seems you need an account and a Chinese number

It under Blaze New firmware takes you mediafire click link

So what are your experience with the firmware that Blaze posted from the Chinese site, GL.iNet AX1800 OpenWrt QSDK v1.1?

Is it stable? Is it full blown OpenWRT? Can all packages be installed and are functional? This is my first OpenWRT router. Bought this particular one as I would like to have WiFi 6. Would like to upgrade to a more recent of OpenWRT so I can start to explore and tinker, but am willing to wait if this version is not ready for prime time yet. Thank you!

Anybody can backup partition with rootfs or rootfs_1 on the GL.iNet AX1800 OpenWrt QSDK v1.1 firmware?

cat /proc/mtd | grep root
dd if=/dev/mtd[here is number of rootfs partition] of=/tmp/mtd[here is number of rootfs partition].ubi


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Hi Ive tried the version Blaze mentioned above and its working as intended.
I still dont know how to properly set it up with my fritzbox 7530 so if someone can help I would be more than happy

Is it possible to somehow go back to stock firmware?

That will help you to revert

I have been able to run the firmware successfully. Performance looks good. I could not download any software repositories. Could someone tell me how I could overcome this minor inconvenience?


I’m sure someone will chime in however since you’re no longer on Gl.Inet’s firmware, you should probably now ask this question on the OpenWRT forums rather than here. It would be hard for Gl.Inet to support a fimrware that doesn’t belong to them.

To be able to download the software repository (since I am not in China), I changed the distribution feed to this:
src/gz reboot_base Index of /releases/19.07.8/packages/aarch64_cortex-a53/base/
src/gz reboot_luci
src/gz reboot_packages Index of /releases/19.07.8/packages/aarch64_cortex-a53/packages/
src/gz reboot_routing Index of /releases/19.07.8/packages/aarch64_cortex-a53/routing/
src/gz reboot_telephony Index of /releases/19.07.8/packages/aarch64_cortex-a53/telephony/

Hi guys.
What about my requste GL-iNet AX1800 OpenWrt firmware - #24 by Blaze ?

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Hello Blaze,

First. Thank you for the link to the OpenWRT image. It has enabled me to run the router with software that just wasn’t possible with the GL-iNet stock firmware. The performance I am getting seem to be somewhat better too. As to your question regarding

I do not have the technical knowledge to assist you just yet. Hope someone here can help you.

The /tmp mount point is a RAMdisk, so the backup would be lost on reboot. You should back up to a USB flash drive.

Yes, but you can simply use WinSCP for transfer backup (ubi file) from RAM of router to PC. Done.

Yes, but you did not state in your previous post. Make sure that /tmp has enough space to hold it.

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Hi guys,

I‘m pretty happy to see Flint getting to a more up to date version of OpenWRT.
A special thanks to @Blaze on pointing this QSDK update out.

Maybe I‘m a little paranoid, but this QSDK firmware update appears to be „mainly“ available via this special Chinese forum link. Will there be a more „official“ kinda statement for QSDK update, from like Qualcomm or GL-iNet?
Please don‘t get me wrong, I just would like to understand how authentic and secure it is to install.


Hi rohs welcome, yes I totally agree with you, hopefully an official firmware will arrive soon.

@Blaze Hi i have an AX1800 Flint myself, would love to have OpenWRT.

Just resetted it now so i can you that dump you require. Does it matter which firmware version it is on?

Edit: uploaded.

Here is MTD9.ubi