GL.iNet Flint AX guest 2 wifi options

I am a newbie, so apologies if something I say does not make sense.

I got my Flint router and planning to ditch the ISP router to only use the modem. So my question(s) are:
Can I have an adguard and vpn (surfshark) enabled wifi and a guest wifi with no vpn on my flint router running at the same time? If so (yay!!), any guides on how to do this?

Looking forward for your thoughts!

Thanks guys!

Please refer to the following steps:

  1. Enable Guest Wi-Fi in Wireless page.
  2. Download the Surfshark’s VPN configuration files.
  3. Upload the VPN configuration files to the router via OpenVPN Client or WireGuard Client.
  4. Switch Proxy Mode to Based on the VLAN in the VPN Dashboard and disable the VPN on the guest network.

You can also use your Surfshark account on App to quickly add VPN configurations, skipping steps 2 and 3.

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