GL INET Gigabit switch

Hi guys

I would love to have a GL Inet gigabit switch … is it in your roadmap?


We have no plans to do switches, but we plan to do a Gigabit router.
Can you describe your requirements in detail?

Thanks luochongjun for your quick response.

Plan to do a Gigabit router sounds very exciting. I would like to be informed about it, and i would love to test it.

My requirements about the switch could be summarized in:

  • Unmanaged switch (5-8 ports)
  • Plug and Play
  • LED activity lights
  • IGMP snooping to optimize traffic delivery and ensure a better network experience for applications like IPTV


Any update on this? I would like to know if gl.inet has any gigabit routers that do full hardware level gigabit yet. It’s been a long time asking this :).