GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext Port Forwarding on VPN

Hello, I have recently purchased this amazing little router and successfully connected it to a VPN via the OPENVPN protocol. The issue I’m having is that I am connecting one device to it, a Helium Miner which must have port 44158 forwarded in order to properly function. I believe I have opened the port in the GL-ARs interphase however something is still triggering it to show port 44158 as “closed”. The vpn service I use provided me with a dedicated static IP. I wonder if you all would help me figure out what might be happening. My setup is as follows:

Main Modem —> Router 1 -----> 5-port switch —> GL-AR750S (NORDVPN connection with dedicated ip) —> Helium Miner .

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Can you check this blog

Hi, thank you. Unfortunately that did not work for me. As you can see i have the port forwarded correctly but I feel like something is getting in the way. The only difference between that blog is that the person who wrote it uses wireguard protocol and I use openvpn. See screen below.

can you verify that the router actually got the dedicated IP in vpn connection? You can check your public IP address when you connect on the router.

Then test if you can access other services via the vpn server. For example you can try to access the router’s web UI via the vpn IP (you need to enable local access for the vpn connection).

The port forward seems just fine.