GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 no route to internal dsl router net

Hello everyone…

It’s on:

Fritzbox 7590AX DHCP on

GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 openvpn client works over VPN service.

Dreambox receiver and laptop surf via VPN service!

For example, I can access the interface of the VPN router from the Fritzbox network through port releases in the firewall of the GL-MT300N.
That means that direction works!

Example Wepinterface from the VPN router can be reached via from the Fritzbox network.
Through port forwarding in the firewall of the VPN router → port 80 to!

Now to my problem, I cannot access my Synology NAS, which is in the Fritzbox network, with the Dreambox and the laptop, which are in the vpn network.

I’ve also tried quite a few things…unfortunately without success!

Help would be great…thanks in advance! :wink:

First, I wonder if this is necessary. On the vpn router ( you should only do port forward to 192.168.8.x. 192.168.77.x is not under its subnet.

On the vpn router, use vpn policy set the NAS (e.g. not use use vpn.

Thanks you, I will try this…

The Nas is in the Fritzbox net and have the IP address, its not in the VPN router net, do you think that works?!

Oh my god…it works !!! thank you sooooo much !! :wink:

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