GL-inet MT300N-V2 38c Disconnection problems

Hi, I bought the GL-inet MT300N-V2 38c
I configured the router with a vpn of nordvpn, I downloaded the UDP file and inserted in the router, I wanted to know the best configuration because the router often disconnects from the vpn and I always have to restart. I thought it was defective I changed with a new one but it always makes the same problem. Help me set up, thanks.

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Do you have any LOG prints when you disconnect?

No. I purchased 2 other identical routers for 2 friends, I made the same configuration, but they don’t log off. I have also substituted it but nothing if I leave it access it disconnects the vpn and I have to reconnect.

Hi I’m having the same problem. All is working fine, but then I go back to it the next day and I cannot to it and have to reboot the device several times to get it to work. I’ve bought another one thinking the unit was defective. Did you fix the problem?

No the problem continues, I also replaced the router but the same problem.

That’s a shame. I was hoping you could help! Mine will be working fine, then when I try to reconnect, say the next day, it will state no internet and I cannot get to the log in page I have to switch off the router and power it back up. It often takes several power downs / ups to get it to work.

pls get the log. Otherwise it is difficult to tell.

It is not defective device. Sometimes the openvpn server can send a command to terminate your connection. That is why we need the log to tell what happened.