GL iNet OpenVPN connection issues

GLiNet. fw 3.203 GL-MT300N-V2

  1. Cannot upload *.ovpn file from web ui. Had to use the cell phone app to upload the *ovpn file.
  2. Can connect to openVPN server but cannot see internet without ALSO creating a vpn policy.
  3. Must create the policy AFTER I upload the *.ovpn file
  4. On restart can connect to openVPN server but no internet unless I disable vpn policy and then reapply. Makes no difference wither I select all though vpn or not.


Maybe some configs are messed up.

You surely can upload ovpn from the UI. What is the error?

Maybe just reset the router and try again.

I tried resetting the router. The error is simply “Failed”. I did not check the logs. But I worked around by uploading via the mobile app.

I resolved my issue by downgrading to 3.105. Everything that I need works perfectly there, including upload of ovpn file.