Gl-inet Package Source

Hi People …

congratulations to your Routers, i’ve buyed some.

I want to make some changes to your great designed GUI and include a new Service for remote Management. An i’ve some Problems with the package Manager i want to fix (Error 255)

Is it possible to open source the Gl-inet package including all the /cgi-bin/ source ?



@nekron, it is not possible to opensource the code at present. Can you tell us how do you want to modify?

The 255 error may not be in the cgi. When invoke “opkg install” from lighttpd, it will have this error, but there is no such error in uhttpd.

I Need a new submodule for an OpenVPN like Client which fetches his configuration from the Server itself.

I hope to pickup another Piece of Hardware and make some Tests. After that i can send you some screenshots of the web Interface regarding the error.

Is it planned to release the Source or are there no plans to release the Code ? Why not ? I don’t Need Video and Fileshare Source :slight_smile:



This makes sense now! I was playing around this weekend and compiled both the NAND and NOR firmware for the AR300M and was totally confused as to why there was no UI. I was able to ssh in to the router but had no web based frontend. That’s when I stumbled across the option to compile the LuCI frontend. Still no sign of the stock GUI however. Now I understand why!


People from GLiNet …

Please release your GUI as full source, it’s much more pretty than the LuCi Frontend :slight_smile: Let the community extend it …

@alzhao: This error happens if i try to install a package via the web ui:

Collected errors: * pkg_run_script: package “php5” postinst script returned status 255. * opkg_configure: php5.postinst returned 255. * pkg_run_script: package “php5-cli” postinst script returned status 255.<b></b><i></i><u></u>