GL.Inet - Plans for new LTE device?


Does GL.iNet plan to develop a new LTE device soon?

Thank you.

I have no more info about this.

What is your need? 5G?

Not necessarily 5G, but a more powerful CPU than the QCA9531, and more RAM because with the AR750S, which is the QCA9563, it is already beginning to be seen that many current functions will not be able to be used in the very near future. And a newer CPU could support M.2 and USB3 for cards beyond Cat6, that would be fine.
Thank you.

Understood. For this product, the most difficult things are power and heat. So it is not easy.

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5V fan? It drains the battery and makes noise.
Large heatsink? The router does not fit in your pocket for easy travel and the case gets very hot.

Copper is a better conductor than aluminum but aluminum fires heat faster, so I have looked for mixed dissipators.

I have found this for interesting reference: