GL iNet routers via WireGuard - No Public IP | Astrorelay alternative

Hi everyone,

i´ve got a tricky problem caused by my ISP. I bought Slate AX to connect it to my home network, which is my GL Flint router under my main router, while I’m abroad in Europe. My ISP doesn’t provide a public WAN IP address, so I tried to use AstroRelays reversed proxy server to bypass the that when using Wireguard VPN.

I tried AstroRelay and it worked flawlessly. The main problem is that AstroRelays service is pretty expensive - I’m working from Homeoffice at least 8 hours a day. Therefore I have to buy at least 200 GBs worth of Data memory every month.

I built a virtual cloud network on Oracle to create a public IP address and use it for this purpose, I just don’t know how to make it work on the router

Are there any other alternatives? Any help is much appreciated.

Thank You.

Try firezone. It create a Wireguard vpn with a friendly gui to administrate it and create the right configuration to solve your problem.

hey, I been scrolling through their docs and couldn’t find the right guide. Could you please elaborate more

ZeroTier could work as well.

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Highly recommend Tailscale as an alternative.

Hi there I also recommend ZeroTier. It works great. No need to port forward anything. Just create an account and a basic network in which the two routers will be able to route.

You could also use the free Oracle VPN to set it up as a WireGuard server. Which would allow your two routers to connect on.

On section “Reverse Tunneling with Firezone” then “General case: node to node”.