GL.iNet Slate and IP Numbers

Installation tip:
I’ve just successfully installed the GL.iNet Slate - a great little gadget! The object was to VPN protect all-at-once the several laptops on my home LAN. At first there seemed to be a problem: my ADSL modem-router has for an IP and all my LAN devices are 192.168.1.x
Installing the GL.iNet Slate immediately in line after the modem, it was granted an IP from the modem-router but of course none of the laptops could get internet since they would have to pass the GL.iNet Slate at its default IP. And of course I couldn’t change the default of the GL.iNet Slate to 192.168.1.x since the modem router was at 1.254
So, it looked like I would have to change all the IPs in my LAN to …8.x what a bore!
But I found a much better solution, which also seems to add extra insulation between internet and whatever LAN device in question:
In my main laptp, from which I control all other devices (via Remote Utilities), I entered dual IP numbers. The principal one was then with gateway and DNS
In “advanced” window of “change adapter settings” there is the possibility to add another IP, so here I entered the original IP of this laptop,
Now I can connect to all 192.168.1.x devices on the LAN, AND connect to internet on my main laptop through the VPN equipped GL.iNet Slate at
Any laptop or device which retains just the 192.168.1.x IP number thus has an extra block against any incoming internet hack or whatever.

I want to ask, did you connect Slate’ WAN port to your ISP router’s LAN port?

Seems you connected Slate’s LAN port to your ISP router, then this will be wrong.

I cannot understand what is your setup.

Slate WAN to router-modem LAN.
Slate LAN port to 2 LAN switches in series, all LAN items, laptops, NAS, etc. are connected to these switches.
router-modem = unchangeable
router-modem DHCP enabled, gives Slate in Admin Panel > Internet
thus Slate cannot be changed to 192.168.1.x so that local laptops, NAS etc. all at 192.168.1.xx can access internet and each other. Trying to do that gives message in Slate Admin “subdomain conflict”
Solution 1 would be to change all laptops, NAS etc. to 192.168.8.xx
But since NAS and some laptops do not need internet since they are only used on the LAN,
Solution 2 : the two laptops that need internet are configured with dual IP numbers. The main one 192.168.8.xx with gateway
Then with the “Advanced” button I add 192.168.1.xx as a second IP number
Now these two laptops can access internet through Slate using the their main IP number 192.168.8.xx, but also access other LAN devices with IP 192.168.1.xx
I know Slate - router-modem - VPN - LAN devices are all working correctly since the two dual-IP computers can both access internet and can access ISP blocked sites (therefore Nord VPN is working)
Other laptops without the dual IP cannot access internet and I believe therefore the internet cannot access them, nor the NAS. Seems a good way to isolate items on a LAN from getting hacked, pinged, spied on through internet connection. Only the laptop(s) configured with dual IP can access or get accessed from internet.
I was quite surprised it worked so easily.

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